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Dice online In addition to gambling games that take pictures or symbols attached to objects. To be use as a playing device known as a card game. There is another gambling game that is consider ancient. And origins more ancient than gambling games It’s probably a thousand years old already. That is the bet that we know as the Sic Bo game itself. It is now being develop Dice online ufabet online.

It is another gambling game that uses a lot of luck to play. But the advantage is that it doesn’t require intelligence. And the brain to remember the face of cards or any sort of cards, just bet on whether the number that can come out will be the number in the number category. Whether it is high or low, and if the points in the dice that are shake out are correct as they were bet, profit

Great Wall

It is said that it originate during the construction of the Great Wall of China since the era. Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The workers were at the wall during the break, tired, not knowing what to do. So take bricks and stones that are really in that line Come to draw numbers on various bricks Then throw on the floor. Let the players in the band make predictions about which number it will come out or the page with which letter symbol.

Take it and turn it into a gambling game caused by the leisure of workers. It became a hit in the upper wind in the era of ancient Chinese society. Until the development of rolling into a small dice portable. Then the red dots on each side of the dice are scored from 1 point to 6 points. In a round of sports, all 3 dice are toss at the same time. It is one of the most classic types of gambling.